Portrait Photo breakdown: Fashion shoot with Hanna – Sony a7 & Sony 55mm f1.8

Portrait shoot breakdown hanna acting shy

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Hanna a few times over the last few years. We met on a TFP swimsuit beauty shoot in Richardson, TX and we have stayed good friends since then.

For this particular shoot, I was asked to come out to the lake and work in more of a natural light shooting scenario. Lots of trees, and the lake as a background.

Portrait shoot breakdown

The beautiful Hanna has stunning eyes that I knew would be the focal point of most of my photos.

The black dress styling and make-up were decided beforehand with the Make-up artist before coming on location.

We started the shoot around 6:00 pm knowing the sunlight would be dim around 7:15 and finally full sunset around 7:40.

We timed the shoot just right so we could catch the beautiful golden light coming from the sun.

What I learned from this beauty portrait shoot

Working on a beauty shoot during golden hour brings its own set of challenges. I had to work on the sharp shadows that were coming from all different angles onto the model.

I tried to keep Hanna in more open areas so the light would glide more smoothly and evenly over her face. Post processing included white-balance adjustments, and lightening up the images.

Natural light fashion photos

Portrait shoot breakdown hanna close up beauty shot

Portrait shoot breakdown hanna acting shy

Portrait shoot breakdown posing by the water

Portrait shoot breakdown in the shadows of the tree

Portrait shoot breakdown side profile shot

Portrait shoot breakdown against the sun

Portrait shoot breakdown hanna by the lake

Portrait shoot breakdown Hanna with shaw

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